Online Yoga Video Workouts

All our retreat students receive free lifetime access to our Online Yoga Video Courses, ranging from 5 to 90 minutes.
  • Lifetime access to 70 lectures
  • 27+ hours of high quality content
  • A community of 12900+ students
  • 30 easy to follow Online Yoga Video Courses
Yoga with Perumal  the first didactic web channel for the modern yoga practitioner who seeks the virtual path while balancing their lives with the constraints of limited time.

Our Online Yoga Channel is a marriage of innovative video production, advanced web based technology systems and Perumal Koshy’s Dynamic Progressive Fusion Yoga.  The result is superior quality, high resolution yoga videos and lessons that are accessible via the internet and at the yoga enthusiasts’ convenience. A great tool for today’s busy yoga practitioner and it is ideal for those who wish to maintain a connection between realtime workshop, holiday, group and private class sessions with Perumal.

Our video lessons are realized in a three camera angle perspective: frontal, lateral and overhead.  These perspectives allow the student to easily follow Perumal’s precise movements, positions and postures.  All lessons are recorded in an audio studio to ensure crystal clear sound and instruction.  In addition, all online lessons are provided with downloadable pdf manuals for enhanced learning capabilities.


6 Parts

Pranayama – Settle into practice  * Let go of the outside world  * Open and clear breath  * Detoxify sinuses   

Preparation – Joint Safety * Move synovial fluid  * Warm up core   

Salutation – Unite breath and movement * Align skeletal system * Relieve constipation  * Detoxify body     

Strength – Increasing circulation  * Prepare fibers for deeper stretching  * Improve physical strength   

Stretching – Relieve muscle tension  * Free spinal tension    

Meditation and Relaxation –  Accomplishing previous steps enable meditation and or relaxation.

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