About Yoga with Perumal Marrakech

Perumal Koshy, born in India, has been instructing for over 2 decades across America, Europe and Morocco. His style adapts for beginners to advanced practitioners. During his classes Perumal incorporates pranayama, preparation, salutation, strength, stretching and meditation. Class sessions tailor to specific sequences ranging from core, leg postures, arm balances and meditation / relaxation. Feeling refreshed, relaxed and simultaneously energized are immediate effects. Perumal believes that there are various expressions of yoga. The myriad of popular methods are not different entities. They convey yoga in a manner that is expressive of the mental and physical aspects of the founders. Yoga is a personal endeavor unique to each practitioner. Perumal’s teaching career began under his Kung-Fu master during his teens while living in Los Angeles. After 10 years of practicing and instructing martial arts a yoga master guided him into yoga thus began Perumal’s journey of inner discovery through this ancient discipline. Currently he is running yoga workshops, yoga retreat and holidays and he is teaching group classes and private yoga classes in Marrakech. Frequently he writes for Yoga Journal Italy, Esprit Yoga France and Yoga Magazine Holland.