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Best results are achieved if the 3 sessions are practiced in a consecutive fashion on 2 or 3 days


Session 1 – Core and Back

 The 1st session will be directed to the core and preparation of the joints. Remove the head and limbs of the body and what is left will be the core muscles. On this session we mainly focus on the back and abdominals in order to stabilize / activate our core before moving into the limbs of the next 2 sessions.


Session 2 – Legs, Glutes and Hips 

The leg series trains the hips, gluteus, hamstrings, quads and calves. The postures will range from lightning/ chair, double warrior, Warrior 1 – 2 and heel raises. How far we progress into the leg series will depend on the individual or group. Most with lower back issues and sciatica will benefit greatly while others will feel a fluid yet challenging series.

Yoga_Retreat_Holidays_Perumal_upper_body copiaSession 3 – Arms and Shoulders

An arm and shoulder series will focuse on upper body postures in order to train the shoulders, chest and arms. The postures will range from plank, side plank, single leg plank, and crow to chaturanga along with their variations. There is a strong emphasis on preparation for joint followed by isometric and then isotonic movements synchronized with breath. Head standing is considered.

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