Yoga in God’s Country


Yoga Camp in Marrakech pure wellness for body and soul.

Here you can let the warmth embrace your body,
while you close your eyes, listen to the sound of the cicadas, forget the outside world,

enjoy the moment.

translated from original in danish

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A hot air enveloping my body and I feel how the sun’s rays touch my skin. The palm leaves are deep green, ground almost hot red and the sky endlessly blue. Not one wind is blowing, and everything is peaceful. Marrakech means “God’s Country” on Berber, and this North African gem is truly an earthly paradise. If you do not find home quiet here, so you will find it nowhere. Therefore, it is precisely here that I during the next week should be one with myself through a  individual and intensive course for relaxation and body awareness. A draw for yogis marked muscles, supple joints, stimulating purges and a clearer mind. All this in one time? I was skeptical when I heard about all the yogic miracle effects, but it was worth a try I thought and signed up seven day yoga camp Marrakech. If nothing else could atleast the North African heat will loosen up a bit in my stiff joints.


A Google lookup and I had found  “the place to be” for yogis in transit in the red city. Jnane Tamsna name of the venue, which, according to my sources would be a real crowd puller  for yoga practitioners around the world who flock in order to twisting their torso, crumpled up and twist their bodies in all sorts of possible and impossible positions. The first day is at core training focused on the abdomen and back, for the foundation of a good yoga session is that the body’s center is strong and well-trained.

‘The initial session always put emphasis on core. Next, we concentrate on leg next, arms and so on.This will bring us step by step all the way around, “explains teacher Perumal Koshy. I am new to the discipline, so it need to start from scratch with breathing exercises and body control. But also many experienced practitioners seeking to do so alone and in groups to challenge and expand their repertoire with new positions.

“Recently I did a workshop for 28 Danish women who came here with their yoga teacher to learn new exercises. They grow all together  yoga on a weekly basis, so here was my task to build on their solid base form “Says Perumal Koshy, adding that he not ad here strictly to a single style, but instead draws inspiration from different schools so as to adapt his teaching individual students.

Yoga_in_Marrakech_Yoga_in God's_Country_3And Perumal Koshy knows about anything he is dealing with. “As a teenager I grew into high level martial arts, but the fighting took hard on my body and I had to stop for health reasons, “he said. Since martial arts were taken from him, he saw a big void, why he randomly and a little gratuitous threw himself into yoga. But he was soon bitten by the discipline, and when one day he had a vision a little out of the ordinary, he knew that he had landed on the right place. Again and again showed a yoga master infront of his eyes. Perumal Koshy, decided to go to India to find him in person. He traveled the country thin, peered from north to south and from east to west, visited the most isolated mountain towns and the poorest hamlets, until he one day stood face to face with his master. Here, the aspiring yogi hanging sucked to the care of erudition, and could soon open yoga schools in London, Milan and later in Marrakech, where he is now also an associated private instructor at hotels like Jnane Tamsna.

ORIENTAL ZEN  We are all alone and have taken place slightly away from  the main hotel building where I sweat and tremble, while my teacher pushes me into positions I did not know existed. A dynamic sun salutation, an erect lotus and a wide standing warrior. All 640 muscles is used, and no one will forgotten. It squeaks and creaks, but I like the tongue in your mouth and trying to turn their attention inward to listen to my body – which will have to enough to tell me how far I can go. And when it hurts the most, then I think just what comes afterwards. Each evening is rounded today’s yoga efforts, namely with a hour of meditation in a charming annexe back of the garden. Under the ceiling swarm of small swallows around and along the walls are large Moroccan jars in different colors and shapes. All exudes far away of oriental zen and get me immediately to forget about the day’s exertions. While Perumal Koshy handels the open fireplace, I lie flat on my yoga mat, shut down all senses and lumber head of mindfulness is about the presence and full attention to the here and now. In the speakers flowing soft tones that lull me away in a light sleep. My whole body is exhausted after the hard training, and every cell enjoying this moment of relaxation.

REALIZE THE GREEN TANK TIMER Jnane Tamsna is in every way a well-chosen location for a yoga camp. Not least because this charming guest house is located in peaceful environment with direct views of the Atlas Mountains, Set back from the hustle and us. Here is everything your heart desires of Moorish courtyards, running water, mosaic floors and beautifully decorated wooden doors. In short: everything you need to forget the hectic everyday life and run down to the first gear. But most of all embodies Jnane Tamsna the awareness and green spirit, as most dedicated yoga practitioners are trying to live. On the rooms are organic creams and soaps based on local ingredients such as mint and orange flower. The pool is heated naturally by solar power and energy consuming hammams and hot tubs have to look far. All meals composed of organic vegetables grown in the large vegetable garden specialist botanists, who knows how best to get sprouts and strawberry plants grow using natural fertilizer. So you can safely put teeth in the fragrant tajines, the spicy couscous and the filled pastillas, all prepared with sustainable dedication.

AS A NEW PERSON  When not on the yoga, I’ll take time to explore the hotel, which has a near cult status among connoisseurs. Over time, international media such as Vogue and ELLE namely flocked to to take their photoshoots right here.It was among other Jnane Tamsna that cult photographer Peter Lindbergh photographed an undressed Helena Christensen, and photographers such as Mario Testino and models like Linda Evangelista have visited. And this little Moroccan oasis is also something for themselves. It is through the design, charming and, above all domestic. It invites long walks along the shady blomsteralléer, freshly squeezed citronader in the green inner courtyards and a good long nap on the roof terrace among the ornamented clay pots planted with tall cactus plants. Jnane Tamsna is truly a recreation Mecca, making it easy for everyone to clear their heads of thoughts and relax hundred percent of. For each passing day, I feel how my body at the same time relaxes and builds up, and whether it is yoga or the Moroccan summer, eventually overcomes me, is not to say, but when I seven days rolls yoga mat together,

I feel undeniably as a new human.


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